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Professional Development for School Business Professionals: How can we help?

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In this blog post, Lindsey Roberts, Stakeholder and Engagement Coordinator from the School Resource Management (SRM) Team within DfE, explains the ways in which SRM can help support the training and development needs of School Business Professionals..

How can School Resource Management Advisers (SRMAs) help you?

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Lindsey Roberts, Engagement and Outreach Coordinator for the School Resource Management team, explains how the DfE's School Resource Management Adviser (SRMA) programme can support you with managing your school or academy trust’s finances or resources.

One year on from the refreshed School Resource Management (SRM) strategy

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Cherise Heavey, Communications and User-Engagement Lead from the School Resource Management (SRM) team, explains what the SRM offer is, what's new in the SRM offer, and what's coming up in 2023. 

School Resource Management: building a stronger system

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We wanted to find out more about the DfE's new Schools Resource Management (SRM) strategy and what it means for schools, so we asked Rachael Davies and Shazia Fletcher, joint heads of the School Resource Management strategy team, to tell us about it.